Civil Litigation

Civil litigation covers many legal practice areas. In the broadest of definitions, civil litigation is any type of legal proceeding that isn’t a criminal case. With that said, our civil litigation practice covers areas like product liability, business litigation, class actions, employment discrimination, and aviation/maritime litigation. But with the skill and experience of our attorneys, we can handle just about any type of general civil litigation case you have.

Product Liability
Companies are responsible for injuries that result from their negligent creation, production and sometimes marketing of products. Manufacturers operate under strict laws when creating their products. A product that injures you could entitle you to compensation. Visit with one of our attorneys to see what type of case you may have against a company.

Business Litigation
Legal complications frequently arise between businesses. Often, it’s due to a misunderstanding in a contract or the total lack of a contract. The result of these complications can sometimes cost your business thousands or millions of dollars. That’s why it’s important to retain a law firm that has years of experience dealing with business legal problems. Contact our law firm for a confidential evaluation of your legal issue.

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